Learning Environment

Increasing Student Achievement:

•Establishing behavioral expectations, rules, and procedures
•Creating and implementing disciplinary interventions and strategies
•Documenting incidences of inappropriate behaviors.
•Creating and sustaining positive teacher-student relationships.
2. Establish consistent procedures and formats for academic tasks (e.g., turning in assignments, requesting help, writing down homework assignments, headings on papers).
3.  Utilize instructional assistants and special-education teachers in the classroom to support content acquisition and the development of learning strategies and skills.

4. Utilize counselors, psychologists, and social workers to support social-emotional needs of students.
5. Provide resource room/support personnel with specific expectations regarding the content and skills to be learned, the tasks to be completed, and the learning strategies/skills (i.e., organization, study skills, test taking skills) required for success.
6. Utilize technology (e.g., drill and practice, web assignments, simulations) that aligns with the course content/skills and develops learning skills.
7. Utilize peer-tutoring to support the learning needs of students requiring additional help and to reinforce the learning of students who have demonstrated that they have acquired relevant content and skills.
8.  Communicate course behavioral and academic expectations to parents and provide them with ideas and resources to support their child’s learning at home.
9.  Assign seating arrangements that sustain students’ attention, reduce distractions, address physiological needs, minimize inappropriate behavior, and maximize learning.
10. Use checklists/ agendas to help students remain organized, learn routines, and complete daily tasks.
11.  Monitor the students’ use of their assignment sheets/notebooks and check the assignment lists for accuracy.
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