WebQuest Resources

A WebQuest is . . .

"An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet."

(Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University.)

Types of WebQuests

Short Term:

Designed to be completed in one to three class periods.

The instructional goal is knowledge acquisition and integration.

The learner deals with significant amount of new information and makes sense of it.

Longer Term:

Designed to take between one week to a month.

The instructional goal is extending and refining knowledge.

The learner deeply analyzes a body of knowledge, transforms it, and demonstrates understanding by presenting it in some way.

Critical Attributes of a WebQuest
  1. Introduction
  2. Task
  3. Process
  4. Information sources
  5. Evaluation
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Should orient the learner as to what is coming

Should raise some interest in the learner through a variety of means

2. Task

A description of what the learner will have done at the end of the exercise

Could be a product or a verbal presentation

3. Process

Clearly described steps

Lets the learners know the process to go through to accomplish the task

Can also provide learning advice

4. Information Sources

A list of web pages which the instructor has located that will help the learner accomplish the task.

May include resources not on the web

All resources may not be used by all

5. Evaluation

Evaluation rubrics designed by the teacher are the most authentic assessment

Need to be able to measure results

Evaluation rubrics take different forms

6. Conclusion

Bring closure to the quest

Remind the learners about what they have learned

Encourage them to extend the experience into other domains

Cool WebQuest Sites

  1. Thinking Visually with WebQuests
  2. The Official Bernie Dodge WebQuest Site
  3. Web Quest Site and Page of HS examples
  4. Social Studies Example: Kosovo
  5. Building a WebQuest

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