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Reading, Writing, Thinking Roads to Learning and High Performance

1. Supportive Research
2. Reading Standards Chart (Prompts and Compatible Graphic Organizers and Summaries)
3. Graphic Organizers
    a. Graphic Organizer Websites on the Internet
    b. Graphic Organizers (pdf)
    c. Graphic Organizer Templates (downloadable Word and Inspiration documents)
    d. Math Graphic Organizer
    e. Spanish Graphic Organizers
4. Summary Frames
    a. Summary Frames (pdf)
    b. Summary Frames (downloadable Word documents)
5. MEL-Con Paragraph Development
    a. MEL-Con Framework
6. Rubrics
    a. Graphic Organizer Rubrics (downloadable Word documents)
    b. MEL-Con Paragraph Rubric
7. Vocabulary Development
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