Increasing Student Achievement:

Organization of Content/Curriculum, Planning, and Preparation

1.  Align course content and skills with state standards, ACT College Readiness Standards, and Work Keys.
2.  Identify essential learning objectives for the unit and daily lessons in writing.
3.  Create a graphic organizer to visually represent main ideas/concepts and supporting details.
4.  Break down units into smaller segments / components for effective delivery of instruction.
•Concrete to abstract
•Simple to complex
•Single facet to multiple facets
•Structured to open-ended
•Less independence to greater independence
•Slow pace to quick pace
•Visual to auditory
6.  Plan to stimulate students’ prior knowledge, establish the content’s value and relevance to experience, and provide a readiness for learning new knowledge and skills.
7.  Identify essential content vocabulary and meanings for each unit.
8.  Prepare guided lecture/demonstration notes in which students must fill in key ideas and details.
9.  Locate/create alternate print resources, tapes, CD’s, Podcasts, and videos to accommodate different student learning styles and abilities.
10.  Make handouts (e.g., study guides, worksheets, and other print materials) student friendly.
•Highlight and/or underline directions.
•Highlight, boldface, and/or enlarge key words.
•Change spacing to include more white space between words and between lines.
•Use at least 14 point sans serif fonts. Popular sans seriffonts include Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva.
11.  Identify prerequisite content-related knowledge and skills as well as the learning-to-learn strategies required for success.
12. Develop instructional plans that include:
•Direct teaching of new knowledge and skills that addresses a breadth of learning modalities and styles
•Student performance to practice, extend, apply, and retain new knowledge and skills
•An assessment plan that provides for frequent multiple and varied formative and summative assessments
•Review, feedback, and re-teaching
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