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Guidelines for District 214 Student Sponsored Events 

• At least three days prior to the event, the facility coordinator should receive a tentative list of student names.

• The teacher/sponsor of the event should check in with the facility coordinator at least one-half hour before the students and chaperones are scheduled to arrive.

• Students and chaperones are to enter FVEC through Door 1.

• All students must be checked in upon arrival. A complete list of student attendees should be given to the receptionist once the event starts. The information provided should include the date, participant’s name, school, and location of event(s) in the building throughout the day.

• Students’ nametags must be visible and worn at all times while in the FVEC. The nametags should include the program name.

• Once the event starts, the teacher/sponsor should provide the receptionist with the names of students who have not arrived and their nametags.

• Students arriving late to the program must enter FVEC through Door 2 and present his/her school ID to the receptionist. The receptionist will contact the facility coordinator who will walk the student to the appropriate location.

• Students are not allowed to move unattended throughout the building at any time.

• Students also are not allowed to ride the elevator or use the stairs next to the elevator, unless otherwise arranged.

July 2011

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