Professional Development Fund for Certified Staff

PDF Online Application

PDF target dates for the 2014/2015 school year:

Summer '14 Courses (courses ending after last day of school and before start of following year)
  • Submit Online PDF Applications----4/28/14 to 5/16/14
  • Responses to Staff----5/30/14

Fall '14 Courses (courses ending before last day of 1st semester)

  • Submit Online PDF Applications ----8/25/14 to 9/12/14
  • Responses to Staff----9/26/14

Winter/Spring '15 Courses (courses ending after last day of 1st semester and before last day of school)  

  • Submit Online PDF Applications ----1/5/15 to 1/23/15
  • Responses to Staff----2/6/15


General Information

The Professional Development Fund (PDF) is designed to ultimately increase student learning in District 214 by providing tuition assistance in areas which are of mutual benefit to individual staff members and to the District. Staff members who are continuously learning and growing not only provide better services to students, but provide good models of learning as well. One important option for learning is the college credit course. We believe that it benefits both District 214 and individual staff members to provide a tuition incentive program for certified staff who are taking courses which match District priorities for growth and change. The Professional Development Fund supports this belief and is governed by the following guidelines.

We would be pleased to answer questions or assist you in other ways as you complete the application. We will be in touch again as soon as the committee has reviewed your application. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in the meantime by calling Toni Pytel at the Professional Learning Office at 718-7734.

Eligibility: Certified, full-time staff members AND one of the following:

  1. said staff member in his/her first year of teaching and is a first year staff member of District 214 will be eligible for tuition support starting the first summer after he/she has completed one year as a staff member of District 214 and has been given a second-year probationary contract.
  2. or said staff member is in his/her first year of teaching at District 214 and he/she has at least one year of full-time teaching prior to being a District 214 staff member will be eligible for tuition support during his /her second semester of his/her first year as a staff member with District 214. However, reimbursement payment will be made only if the said staff members is given a second-year probationary contract.
  3. or tenured staff and probationary teachers in their second, third, or fourth years shall be eligible for tuition reimbursement.
  4. tenured staff who are on board-approved part-time leave of absence must be .8 FTE or greater for tuition reimbursement eligibility.


PDF Program Guidelines

  1. The District Professional Development Funds will be administered by a committee made up of the following representatives:

    • Director of Professional Learning;
    • Associate Superintendent for Educational Services;
    • One building administrator assigned by the Superintendent or designee;
    • Three tenured teachers from different buildings and subject areas selected by the Education Association;
    (Steven Kellner, FVEC; Laz Lopez, FVEC; Erin DeLuga, WHS; Melinda Perkins, EGHS; Rich Lane, JHHS; and Mike Concialdi, RMHS)
  2. The PDF Committee will be responsible for determining eligibility and program priorities by March 1 of each year.
  3. The PDF program and decisions of the committee will not be subject to the grievance conditions of the contract.
  4. The PDF budget will be established by the Board of Education by March 1st of each year. The 2014/2015 budget will be determined some time in May.
  5. The District level money will be distributed by the PDF Committee based on the following priorities and in the order listed:
    • Coursework toward a Master’s degree in content areas;
    • Graduate level courses in content areas;
    • National Board Certification;
    • Coursework toward a Doctoral degree;
    • Coursework toward a Master’s degree in areas other than content;
    • Graduate level courses in non-content areas
    • Undergraduate courses for addition certification purposes

      Reimbursement will be allocated as listed below.  Teachers will be required to secure pre-approval of their plans in accordance with district procedures.  All course work to be applied for credit on the salary schedule must be approved in accordance with the District’s Policies and Procedures for Professional Growth

Master’s degree in content areas

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 75% of tuition up to a maximum of $700 per credit hour;
- $1000 bonus upon successful completion of the Master’s program.

Graduate Level Courses in Content Areas

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 75% of tuition up to a maximum of $700 per credit hour.

National Board Certification

- District will allow 3 days of professional development leave for each teacher enrolled in the program for work directly related to the completion of the requirements necessary to successfully complete the program;
- $3000 bonus upon successful completion of and eligibility for the certification.
- District will reimburse for the cost of recertification for National Board Certification at 75% of the cost.

Doctoral Degree

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 50% of tuition up to a maximum of $500 per credit hour;
- $2000 bonus upon successful completion of a pre-approved doctoral program.

Master’s degree in areas other than content

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 50% of tuition up to a maximum of $500 per credit hour.

Graduate level courses in non-content area

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 33% of tuition up to a maximum of $350 per credit hour.

Undergraduate courses for additional certification purposes

- Tuition reimbursement rate will be 33% of tuition up to a maximum of $350 per credit hour.

No reimbursement will be provided for undergraduate classes other than those listed above, practicums, internships, dissertation study or thesis hours.  Reimbursement will only be provided within the funding limits as identified in the Funding section above.

Teachers can request an exception for reimbursement. that request must be submitted to the District Professional Development Committee in writing with a detailed rationale for the exception.

PDF Application and Approval Process  

  1. Approved coursework must meet the following criteria: a. Classes must meet on a regular basis. b.The student(s) must meet and have ongoing interaction with an instructor. c. The courses must offer the potential for developing professional relationships. d. The course must have a focus on intellectual rigor with consistent assignments and instructor feedback.
  2. Each PDF applicant will complete an online application.
  3. The PDF committee will review each tuition reimbursement application for consistency with the established guidelines. The committee will then approve the proposal, return it with suggested revisions, or deny approval.
  4. Tuition support may be granted for up to six (6) semester hours of credit per semester and up to twelve (12) semester hours in the summer, taken at fully accredited colleges or universities.
  5. When the PDF applicant wishes to use credit toward a Masters, M+30, or M+60 plan, the proposed PDF courses must also be part of the pre-approved graduate study plan. PLEASE NOTE: If Building/District is paying any portion of fees for your participation, you cannot receive PDF reimbursement or use credits earned toward Masters, M+30 or M+60.
  6. Current graduate study plans may be revised to incorporate courses which qualify for reimbursement.
  7. If applying for an online course, a rationale for taking the course(s) online rather than in a traditional classroom setting will need to be submitted. Online (internet) courses that are part of a pre-approved graduate study plan are eligible for approval, but are not guaranteed approval.

PDF Reimbursement Process

  1. Tuition reimbursement will be contingent upon successful course completion and documentation.
  2. An itemized bill or tuition receipt, showing the cost of tuition without fees or books, and a copy of a grade report must be submitted for reimbursement. Canceled checks or charge card receipts are not acceptable.
  3. A grade of "B" or higher must be obtained to receive reimbursement.


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