Increased Efficiency and Student Academic Success Are Results of District 214's Mobile Computing Devices Pilot Program

April 3, 2012

            District 214 is currently in its second year of a pilot program to utilize mobile computing devices in some of its classrooms. Through its educational and curriculum-based use of mobile technology, the school district has realized an increase in student achievement, better student organization, and increased productivity, according to Keith Bockwoldt, director of technology.
            "The use of mobile computing devices has changed the way instruction is delivered in the classroom," Bockwoldt said. "The carefully planned pilot program starts with the teachers and the best method to deliver instruction. "
     District 214 started the pilot program last year with 350 mobile devices and has expanded that number to 850 devices this year. In order to participate in the pilot program, teachers must first submit proposals on how they intend to use the mobile devices in the classroom. Today, at least one teacher in every district building is using tablets with one or more classes. Twenty-four educators are involved in the pilot program, teaching students at all levels, including English Language Learners, special education, preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement. Next year, District 214 plans to expand the pilot program even further.   
            The district currently replaces 6,300 desktop computers every five years on a rotating cycle to keep pace with the latest advancements. The hope is that this cumbersome and expensive endeavor will evolve into the more widespread use of mobile computing devices for every student without adding to the current replacement budget.
     When District 214 was ready to upgrade its network to provide the bandwidth necessary for students and staff to access 21st century cloud-based curriculum, it selected Comcast Business Class internet service to help achieve its goal. Comcast has created five three-minute videos about District 214's use of technology, and they will be accessible from the district home page in the near future. Click here.


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