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Renewing Certificates

Renewing an Initial Certificate
Renewal of an initial certificate can be done after April 1st in the year the certificate is up for renewal. (The ECS system will not allow the registration for an Initial Certificate renewal to go through prior to that date.)

If an educator does not yet meet all the requirements for moving from an initial to standard certificate but holds an initial certificate that is up for renewal, then the educator simply needs to log into his/her ECS account on the ISBE website and re-register the initial certificate for another four year period. 
Basic steps for Renewing an Initial Certificate:
            1. Log into private ECS account
            2. Click on "Register Certificates" on the HOME screen.
            3. [next screen] Click on "Register Certificates" (below the certificate details).
            4. Proceed through the screens/steps that follow including online payment with a credit card. 
                (When prompted, please be sure to register the certificate with Region 05 – North Cook ISC).
                    [Optional] Educators can register their certificate(s) in person at the ROE if they do not want to use a credit card online. 
                    Call 847-824-8300 for details.
            5. Once payment confirmation is received, email Sandy Franklin in Human Resources indicating
                the registration process is complete so District 214’s records can be updated.
NOTE: Filling out a Statement of Assurance (SOA) to prove professional development is NOT required when renewing an Initial certificate. Submitting an SOA will be required once the educator meets the requirements to move from the initial to a standard certificate.
Learn more on the ISBE website:  Initial certificates


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