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Moving from an Initial to Standard Certificate
An initial certificate is valid until June 30 of the year in which four full-time years of teaching have been completed. (The ISBE defines a year of full time teaching as 0.8 FTE or more.) The educator must also meet the professional development requirement before being ready to move to a standard. Therefore, if the professional growth is not complete by the  time the educator has earned four years of teaching experience, a one year extension is allowed to fulfill this requirement.

Professional Development information may be entered into the ECS system at any time, but the Statement of Assurance should not be submitted until after April 1 of that year. (More details to follow in the steps below.)

Basic steps for moving to a standard certificate:
1. Enter Professional Development Activity on the ISBE website: 
            a. Log into private ECS account
            b. Click on "Professional Development and Renewal" on the Home screen.
            c. [next screen] Click on "Professional Development Activity".
            d. [next screen] Click on "Enter/Review Professional Development" (below certificate details).
            e. [next screen] Click on "Enter/Review Professional Development Activity".
            f.  Proceed through the remaining screens that follow.
- The ISBE website outlines the specific professional development options for moving to a standard certificate. Some CPDU activities allowed when renewing a standard certificate are not allowed when first moving to a standard certificate.

- If a teacher wants to use a master’s degree as the professional growth option for moving from an initial to standard certificate, it does not matter when the master’s was earned. In other words, the master’s degree did not have to be earned while holding his/her initial certificate.

- The professional development option for using 12 graduate hours coursework has to be for classes taken toward an advanced degree (i.e. not just any 12 hrs).

- If using CPDU activities for professional development, be careful when entering dates. If the dates do not fit into the appropriate time frame, the activity won’t be accepted (The program doesn’t flag that the dates are wrong; it just doesn’t count the activity.)

- Lori Abbott in Staff Support (x7736) is available for specific questions regarding CPDUs.

2. After the professional development information is entered on the ISBE website, submit Statement of Assurance (SOA):
            a. Click on "Professional Development and Renewal" on the Home screen.
            b. [next screen] Click on "Statement of Assurance" on the left hand side of the screen.
            c. [next screen] Click on "Submit/Review Statement of Assurance".
            d. [next screen] Click on "Submit/Review Statement of Assurance" (below the certificate details).
            e. Ensure everything listed is accurate and then click "Submit the Statement of Assurance".
- If the educator is submitting his/her SOA in the fourth year of teaching, the SOA should be submitted after April 1st.   SOA status will show "Pending" until it is reviewed and approved by the ROE which may take up to 30 days; usually a week or so after ROE approval, the SOA status will show "YES" indicating that the SOA has been approved by the ISBE.

 3. Once Steps 1 and 2 are complete, the educator may apply online for his/her standard certificate which includes paying a
              one-time fee with a credit card. This fee covers the cost to have the certificate (hard copy original) issued and mailed to the educator.
            Basic Steps for applying for a standard certificate:
            a. Log into private ECS account
            b. Click on "Applications" at the top of the HOME screen.
            c. [next screen] Click on "Move from Initial to Standard Certificate Application".
            d. [next screen] Click on "Apply For Standard" to the right of the applicable initial certificate.
            e. Proceed through the remaining screens that follow including the online payment.
                NOTE: If educators hold more than one initial certificate, they must apply for each standard separately; the same professional development option and teaching experience verification letter may be used, but a separate application and application fee is required.

 4. Once the standard certificate has been issued, the final step in the process is to register the new certificate.
              Basic steps to register a certificate:
a. Log into private ECS account
b. Click on "Register Certificates" on the account HOME screen.
c. [next screen] Click on "Register Certificates" (below the certificate details).
d. Proceed through the screens/steps that follow, including online payment with a credit card.
(When prompted, please be sure to register the certificate with Region 05 – North Cook ISC.)
[Optional] Educators can register their certificate(s) in person at the ROE or mail into ROE if they do not want to use a credit card online. Call 847-824-8300 for details.
NOTE: The registration fee is a separate fee from the one-time application fee mentioned in Step 3; the total cost for registering a certificate will vary depending on whether or not the registration on the educator’s initial certificate is expiring at the time the standard certificate is applied for; the ECS system will show the exact amount due.

 5. Once payment confirmation is received, email Sandy Franklin in Human Resources indicating the registration
         process is complete so District 214’s records can be updated.
Learn more on the ISBE website: Moving from Initial to Standard

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