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Apply to Student Teach in District 214

Applying for Student Teaching in 2015 - 2016


All student teaching applications must be submitted online by prospective student teachers by March 31st for the following school year.  Applicants need the consent of the university and are required to upload the university letter of request, transcripts, and a resume in order to be considered for a placement.  Please refer to the link below for the online application.

Click here to apply: Online Application for Student Teaching

Application Process
Prospective candidates for all student teaching positions must be directed by their university placement office to submit an online application.
In order to be considered for a student teaching position, applicants must upload to their online application the following documents:
1.   A letter of request for placement from the university
2.   All applicable transcripts
3.   A personal data sheet or résumé
Requests for placement are handled in the following manner:
1.   Online applications should be submitted no later than March 31st for student teaching placement during the following school year.
2.    Each applicant’s qualifications are then examined by the Cooperative Teacher Education Program staff starting in April.
3.   The applicant may interview with potential cooperating teachers. A placement will be determined based upon the results of the interview.

Procedures for Placement
After the initial application screening, student teaching applicants, who have been tentatively accepted into the program, are asked to come into the schools for an interview. Interviews take place sometime during the school year before the student teaching assignment is to occur. After the interview, cooperating teachers inform coordinators of their willingness to work with the student teacher. Division Heads are consulted to ensure that the placement is appropriate. The placement is approved or denied, and the student teacher applicants and the universities receive a formal acceptance or rejection email notification.
Student teachers who are accepted into the program receive information about District 214 requirements and the student teacher orientation meeting. Before beginning the student teaching, the following items must be on file with the Human Resources Office:
1.  A physical exam performed by a licensed health care provider stating that the individual is healthy and free of communicable disease.
2.   A $31.50 registration fee (checks made payable to Township H. S. District 214)
3.   A fingerprint background check completed at Forest View Educational Center
4.   Verification of viewing the mandatory online training tutorials
Selection Process and Guidelines for Admission to the Student Teaching Program
The number of student teachers accepted varies from year to year based upon the number of available cooperating teachers in the content area, program changes, and other district issues.
First Priority: University of Illinois Students
Due to the contractual partnership we have with the University of Illinois, we are committed to taking between 18 – 25 student teachers in English, Math, Science and Social Science. These students attend classes and training facilitated by district staff and are supervised by district faculty. The district has considerable input into the design of the practice teaching requirements for these student teachers.
Second Priority: Educational Support Personnel (ESP) District Employees
District 214 is committed to lifelong learning. To this end, any non-certified district employees who choose to teach may be placed in one of our schools for their practice teaching. During the student teacher placement, district employees must take a leave of absence from their current positions. Since space is limited, however, these applications must be made no later than March 31 for a student teaching placement during the following school year.
Third Priority: Board of Education Diversity Parameter
Board of Education Diversity Parameter
The District 214 Board of Education approved the following parameter at its October 21, 1999 Board meeting, "Enlarge our candidate pool to attract highly qualified individuals to increase our cultural and ethnic diversity." This includes student teaching candidates who meet this Board parameter.

Fourth Priority: Other Applicants
Applicants who do not meet any of the above priority areas may be considered based on the number of available cooperating teachers.
District Philosophy
For more than thirty years District 214 has worked collaboratively with universities to provide pre-service training and student teaching opportunities for students studying to be teachers. Each year approximately 100 people begin their student teaching and take their first step in becoming a professional educator in District 214. Student teachers generally work with two cooperating teachers who are members of our staff of professional educators. They work with students in up to four classes for a length of time determined by their universities.
The relationship between cooperating teacher and student teacher is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The student teacher experiences working with highly qualified cooperating teachers in an atmosphere rich with educational resources. The school district benefits by having a source of new energy and enthusiasm that causes the professional staff to engage in continuous improvement in the own practices.
Student teachers provide the district with a constant influx of fresh perspective. Having a student teacher working with students for a semester also affords the district an opportunity to view the student teacher over an extended period of time. This extended period of time makes it easy to see growth and to determine the professional potential of student teacher.
These procedures have been designed to provide a service for the district that assures the following:
1.   Equitable treatment of all student teaching applicants based on these procedures,
2.   Review of qualifications of applicants, and
3.   Organization for the interview and placement process.
Our goal is to assure that the best possible candidates enter our district as student teachers, thus preventing any compromise of the quality and safety of our schools.
Contact Information
For additional information about CTEP or school observations, please call or email one of the coordinators:
Sara Strauss, CTEP Coordinator                                     Lori Abbott, CTEP Coordinator
sara.strauss@d214.org                                                    lori.abbott@d214.org
847-718-7738                                                                   847-718-7736
847-718-7653 / fax                                                           847-718-7653 / fax

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