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Snackwise(SM) Rating System

Nutrition and well being of our students and staff are important to us and we are pleased to announce an exciting new nutrition education program to help our customers make healthier snack choices while at school. More than 15% of children across America are considered overweight. Research has shown that poor snack choices can be one key factor leading to nutrition and weight gain issues among children.

District 214 food services department is committed to helping our students make healthier snack choice. We implemented the Snackwise (SM) Nutrition Rating System in our vending program in the 2006-07 school year. This simple and effective system was developed by dietitians at the Columbus Children's Hospital's Borden Center for Nutrition and Wellness in Columbus, Ohio.

The Snackwise (SM) Nutrition Rating System evaluates the overall nutritional quality of snacks for calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium, protein, fiber, sugar, vitamins A & C, calcium and iron for any healthy individual age five to adult. Then using an easy to understand color-coded system snacks are rated as:

Green - Best Choice
Yellow - Choose Occasionally
Red- Choose Rarely

Using the Snackwise (SM) program provides a fun, user-friendly way to make smarter snack choices. In District 214, we are committed to making our schools a place that supports healthy eating through the promotion of smarter snack choices. Our snack vending machines have color-coded dots on the front of the rows to designate the rating for the product in that row. The rating chart for the snack foods used in our snack vending machines can be viewed by downloading this
Snackwise Rating Chart   file.

The information contained in this chart is based on nutritional data supplied from manufacturer or distributor labels and was manually entered as accurately as possible into specially designed software developed by the Snackwise System. We did not perform any independent evaluation of the nutritional value of these items and this information is being provided solely as a courtesy. The chart will be updated as items are added or deleted.

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