Summer Athletic Program

TDP Enrichment Program

High School District 214 is excited to announce the new Talent Development (TDP) Summer Enrichment Program! This initiative features focused student learning on a variety of topics – from art and science to fashion, philosophy and rock and roll history – intended to further challenge students’ intellectual curiosity. The non-credit-bearing seminars will run from 1 to 4 p.m. in four-day sessions:

· Monday, June 16th to Thursday, June 19th

· Monday, June 23rd to Thursday, June 26th

· Monday, July 7th to Thursday, July 10th

· Monday, July 14th to Thursday, July 17th

Interested students should register online before May 30. The fee for each session is $75, plus applicable fees. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the sites. View a full list of available courses   Register online here .

Summer Camps

Township District 214 2014 Summer Athletic Program
All online registrations and fees are due May 23, 2014.
Any late registrations will be charged a $10.00 Late Fee
2014 Summer Athletic Camp Policies and Procedures

Participant Eligibility
Anyone who is high school age or younger may participate in the Summer Athletic Program (SAP). Grade/age level is often designated in the title or description of each camp/class. Grade level is defined as the grade the student will enter in the coming fall (Fall 2014).
Students register for summer camps at the school where the camp is being held. All registrations must be completed online. There will be a computer available for your use in the Student Activities Office. Registration paid by check, money order or cash must be completed in the Student Activities Office.
                        Registration Begins Monday, April 7, 2014
                        Registration Ends, and         
                        Late Fee ($10) Applies After Friday, May 23, 2014 
                        The individual schools will determine the dates and times of each camp. 
Fee Waiver
Only students who receive a District 214 "fee waiver" (unrelated to the free/reduced lunch program) are eligible for the waiver of SAP tuition. All students must pay the $17.00 registration fee, T-shirt fee, league fees, etc. Fee waiver documentation must be on file with the school administration prior to registering for a camp.

Refunds:   No refunds unless camper is medically unable to participate. Must have doctor’s note.
Full refund of all fees if camp is canceled. Other refunds (excluding Registration Fee) with signed doctor’s note are prorated by day based upon date of refund. There are no refunds after half (1/2) of the days of camp or for sessions canceled due to inclement weather.

Students are responsible for their own insurance coverage. If a participating student is injured, the incident should be reported as if the student is a visitor on school premises. All injuries must be reported to the head coach/sponsor and trainer (if on duty). The head coach/sponsor must complete an accident report.

The District 214 guidelines of heat/humidity and lightning will be strictly followed. Sessions canceled due to bad weather will not be rescheduled.
Students are responsible for their own transportation. There is no bus service.

District Aquatics Camps

Summer 2014

Grade 8-12 Swim WHS
Tom Mroz / Tod Schwager
6am to 8am
June 9 to July 2 14095911 $144
July 7 to July 24 14095921 $125

Grade 8-12 Swim EGHS
Dave Toler / Monika Chiapetta / Keith Kura
6am to 8am
June 9 to July 2 14095912 $144
July 7 to July 24 14095922 $125

Grade 5 to 12 Diving WHS 14095811 $110
Joe Eckert / Nino Bondi
June 9 to July 2

Grade 5 to 9 Beginner Water Polo WHS
Natalie Rasor
10:15 to 11:15
June 9 to July 2 14098711 $116
July 7 to July 17 14098721 $93
Grade 8-12 Experienced Water Polo WHS 14098712 $223
Bob Savitt
2-4 pm
June 9 to July 17

Grade 8-12 Experienced Water Polo EGHS 14098722 $223
Megan Brownley / Alexa Rodhiem / Kelli Lussow
June 9 to July 17

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