Cocurricular Program

District 214's Cocurricular Code
Revised & Approved by the Board of Education August 25, 2005


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I.      Background Information
A code is a system of guiding rules and principles intended to communicate norms and values, define standards of conduct, and help individuals distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable conduct.  This code outlines District 214’s expectations for the conduct of students who choose to participate in the cocurricular activities program.

Township High School District 214 offers an extensive and diverse cocurricular activities program to provide additional learning opportunities to students who wish to develop their special interests,  skills, and talents to a higher level.  Involvement in these activities is both voluntary and a privilege; students choosing to participate take on extended responsibilities as representatives of their team/activity, their school, the school district, and the community.  These extended responsibilities justify holding students who choose to participate in the cocurricular activities program to a higher standard of conduct as a condition of participation.  Accordingly,  students who choose to participate in the cocurricular activities program are responsible for behaving in accordance with this code of conduct.

II.     Purpose
All District 214 students are expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the school and school district, observe good order, and conduct themselves in a manner that will bring credit and honor to themselves, their team/activity, their school, and the school district.   This code defines the specific rules that must be followed by all students involved in cocurricular activities, defines the consequences for those students who violate those rules, and establishes procedures intended to ensure consistent enforcement of the code.

III.     Administration
The Cocurricular Code is administered by each school’s assistant principal for student activities.  Only the assistant principal for student activities, an associate principal, or the principal (or his/her designee) are authorized to suspend students from the cocurricular activities program for violation of the Cocurricular Code.

IV.     Distribution
The Cocurricular Code will be distributed annually to all students who choose to participate in cocurricular activities.  It will also be published in the district's Parent-Student Handbook, the Student Activities Handbook, and/or each school's Student Handbook.  Students and parents are encouraged to discuss any questions regarding the code with their coaches/directors/ sponsors or the assistant principal for student activities.

V.      Enforcement
The Cocurricular Code applies to the "school-related conduct" of all students involved in cocurricular activities, on and off campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.  "School-related conduct" is any conduct, on or off campus, that affects the discipline or general welfare of the school or that brings, or may bring, the school or school district into disrepute.

Violations of the Cocurricular Code are limited to incidents that are verified by:
•    District 214 staff;
•    a law enforcement agency(ies); and/or
•    an admission of guilt.

A code violation is verified if, by the evidence available, it appears more likely than not that a code violation has occurred.
Direct reports from law enforcement agencies and incidents reported by staff will be investigated.  Anonymous or secondhand reports of possible violations generally will not be investigated, absent substantial confirming information.

Maintaining or being identified on an internet site which depicts illegal or inappropriate behavior may be condsidered by the school district in verifying violations of this code.

While violations of the Cocurricular Code that are not verified within 90 days of their occurrence are not subject to the provisions of the code, such violations may be recorded by the school and reported to parent(s)/guardian(s).

A.    Code Violations
Examples of the conduct prohibited by this code are listed in Appendix A.  "Level A" code violations are acts of serious misconduct prohibited by this code including, but not limited to, the possession, sale, delivery, use, or being under the influence of any controlled substance, possession of weapons or look alikes, mob action, theft, and participation in gang activity.  Less serious acts of misconduct shall be considered "Level B" violations, except that repeated or cumulative "Level B" violations may result in "Level A" consequences.  The consequences for "Level A" violations are more severe than the consequences for "Level B" violations.

B.    Consequences
From first violation to third violation, the intention of the consequences for violating the Cocurricular Code shifts from problem awareness (1st violation), to an emphasis on rehabilitation (2nd violation), to significant punishment (3rd violation).  While the consequences for code violations are described in Appendix B, the administration may, in its discretion, impose additional or more severe consequences for serious code violations.

The flow chart found in Appendix B describes the progression of consequences for violations of the Cocurricular Code.  The consequences differ depending on the level of each violation and the order in which successive violations occur (See Appendix B).

C.    Suspension
A student not involved in cocurricular activities at the time of violation will normally be assigned a suspension beginning upon his/her next involvement in a cocurricular activity.  A student, however, may not become involved in a new cocurricular activity solely to serve the assigned suspension.  The assistant principal for student activities may prevent a student from doing so by assigning a suspension to be served during the student’s next involvement in his/her regular activity(ies). 

Calendar year suspensions begin with the date of violation and are not related to the beginning or end of seasons.  Suspensions for one season include the period from the first day until the last day of the IHSA season and do not include any portion of the current season.

D.    Reinstatement
Students are considered for reinstatement based on the following criteria.

1.     Letter from the student requesting reinstatement.
2.     Letter from parent(s)/guardian(s) supporting reinstatement.
3.     Letter from the dean of students supporting reinstatement based on the student’s record of absences, tardiness, and        deportment during the suspension period.
4.     Letter from counselor supporting reinstatement.
5.     Testimony from others familiar with issues relevant to reinstatement.

Based on the above evidence, the assistant principal for student activities will rule on requests for reinstatement after one full season of suspension.  A committee of administrators and staff, chaired by the special program administrator, will rule on requests for reinstatement after one calendar year of suspension.

E.     Cumulative Violations
Violations of the Cocurricular Code accumulate throughout a student's high school career beginning with his/her first participation in cocurricular activities and ending with graduation.

F.     School Rules, District Policies, and the Law
The consequences for violating this code are separate from and in addition to those assigned for violating school rules, school district policies, and the law.  Furthermore, this code in no way limits the authority of the administration or Board of Education to impose other or additional consequences in accord with school rules and district policies.

G.    Coach/Director/Sponsor Rules
In addition to the prohibited conduct described in Appendix A, coaches/directors/sponsors, in collaboration with the assistant principal for student activities, may establish rules specific to their activity.  Such rules, however, may not exceed the provisions of this code.  These rules will be distributed and explained to all students and parents by the coaches/directors/sponsors at the beginning of a student’s participation in the activity and annually thereafter.  They will also be filed with the assistant principal  for student activities.

Coaches/directors/sponsors will consistently and fairly enforce their activity-specific rules and will inform students, parents, and the assistant principal for student activities of any major or repeated violations.

H.    Practice/Rehearsal Limitations
The assistant principal for student activities, in collaboration with the involved athletic director, coordinator, coach and/or sponsor, will determine whether or not a student may practice/rehearse during the suspension period.  Except during practice/rehearsal a student may not dress in uniform, compete, or perform while suspended.

I.      Due Process
The following procedure will be utilized in enforcing the Cocurricular Code:

1.     The student, his/her parent(s)/ guardian(s), and the coach(es)/sponsor(s) will be informed of the misconduct at issue.  If no disciplinary action is taken, the enforcement process is terminated;
2.     The student will be given an opportunity to tell his/her side of the story; and
3.     The assistant principal for student activities will determine the consequence based on the provisions of this code and will inform the student, his/her parent(s)/guardian(s), and the coach(es)/sponsor(s).

J.     Review
The student or his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) may request review of the code violation and the assigned consequences within five school days after being informed.  The request must be addressed to the principal in writing and must articulate the reasons that a review should be granted.

Based upon the reasons articulated in the written request and all information available at the time, the principal (or his/her designee) will determine whether further review of the code violation and assigned consequences is proper.  The principal may determine that no further review is necessary.

After the principal (or his/her designee) takes action on the requested review, the student or his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) may, within five school days, request in writing that the superintendent (or his/her designee) review the code violation and assigned consequences.  Review beyond the school principal is allowed if, and only if, relevant information is available that was not known at the time of the original ruling or at the time of the principal’s review. The written request must be addressed to the superintendent and must articulate the reasons that a review should be granted.

Based upon the articulated reasons in the written request, the superintendent (or his/her designee) will determine whether further review is proper.   The determination of the superintendent (or his/her designee) shall be final.

The assigned consequences for the code violation are in effect during any review process.

K.    Overnight Activities
The High School District 214 overnight activities policy is in effect for all overnight activities.  Coaches/directors/sponsors will review this policy with each student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) prior to departure.  A student’s participation in subsequent overnight  activities may be affected by a violation of  the Cocurricular Code.

L.     IHSA Activities Regulations
A student who participates in cocurricular activities is subject to all applicable Illinois High School Association By-Laws, Policies, and Rules.

M.   Voluntary Admission
The following provision may be used only once and on a first offense by any student during his/her high school career.

If a student seeks out a coach or sponsor to admit having a substance abuse problem before a documented violation, the student will be referred to an appropriate representative of the Student Services Program to complete an assistance program.  While the student will receive a code violation under such circumstances, suspension from participation in cocurricular activities may be held in abeyance upon agreement of the coach/sponsor and the assistant principal for student activities.

A student’s suspension will be waived upon successful completion of the assistance program.  A student who does not successfully complete the assistance program will be required to serve the full suspension from that point in time.

N.    Suspension from School
A student suspended from school shall be ineligible to attend or participate in any cocurricular activities during the period of suspension.

O.    Title IX Compliance
District 214 complies with the provisions of Title IX, i.e.; "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal aid."

P.     Cocurricular Activities Covered by the Cocurricular Code

Boys and Girls Soccer                  
Boys and Girls Volleyball             
Boys and Girls Tennis                  
Boys and Girls Cross Country      
Boys and Girls Golf                      
Boys and Girls Basketball             
Boys and Girls Swimming            
Boys and Girls Track                    
Boys and Girls Gymnastics         
Boys and Girls Water Polo
Girls Badminton
Girls Bowling
Girls Softball
Boys Football
Boys Wrestling
Boys Baseball

Competitive Marching Band*
Debate Team
IE/Speech Team
Math Team
Scholastic Bowl Team
Science Olympiad Team
Student Congress Team
Group Interpretation
Fall Play
Winter Play
Spring Play
Pom Pons
Jazz Band*
Drill Team
Orchesis Performance
Chess Team
Class Board Officers
Student Council Officers
Robotics Team
School Art Performance/Play
Show Choir*

      (*Interscholastic Competition or Non-Graded Performance)

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