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About TDP


To appropriately identify students with special talents and gifts and to advocate for these students’ exceptional academic, social/emotional, and career development needs.


The TDP vision includes STUDENTS who:

  • seek outlets for pursuing their passions
  • pursue the most rigorous curriculum they can handle
  • balance curricular, co-curricular and personal interests
  • fully explore and consider the breadth of their career development and college options 
The TDP vision includes STAFF MEMBER who:
  • understand the special needs of gifted students and the implications for the instructional program
  • skillfully adapt the existing instructional programs to meet the exceptional needs of gifted students
    - accept the unique challenges posed by exceptionally bright students
    - think beyond traditional limitations
    - willingly differentiate instruction to meet the needs of gifted students

The TDP vision includes PARENTS who:

  • support student efforts to pursue their passions
  • nurture their student’s academic, career, and social/emotional development
  • advocate for gifted programming
  • encourage their sons/daughters to be well-rounded


The TDP vision includes SCHOOL COUNSELORS who:

  • deliver the developmental counseling model (academic, career, and social/emotional) for the identified students in the program
  • effectively use resources to directly benefit students whenever possible 
  • monitor feedback from students and parents regarding current practices and programming for gifted students
  • advertise existing and create worthwhile supplemental learning experiences for gifted students

The TDP vision includes a DISTRICT that:

  • recognizes that nontraditional measures of student success are often the best indicators of learning for gifted students
  • seeks to offer appropriate academic opportunities for gifted students beyond the honors and advanced placement levels
  • commits resources to gifted students falling short of his/her potential

Township High School District 214 is committed to offering a comprehensive array of programming, both academically and socially for all students. Included in this framework are programs that are geared towards students with academic talents. Programing for students who are academically gifted and talented include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Placement Courses -Honors Courses -Project Lead the Way (Engineering)
Medical Academy-Education Academy- National Honor Society
Dual Enrollment Opportunities with Harper Community College
Summer school courses to prepare for honors/AP students

In addition, the following programs are offered to all students to assist in academic and post-secondary planning: District career nights-College nights - College visits (9th & 10th grades)
District career advisor programs-Study Skills Workshop-ACT prep courses

High school gifted education programs such as TDP, function differently than elementary and middle school models. Students are enrolled in honors and/or Advanced Placement courses and are not "pulled out" for accelerated instruction. District 214 takes great pride in offering a multitude of opportunities that meet the academic, social and career development needs of our more than 12,000 students. TDP offers resources to students and parents throughout the school year, including newsletters, workshops, field trips and highlights regarding upcoming district events and various information/resources on the District TDP website.


The Talent Development Program includes the following components: curriculum, counseling and access to supplemental opportunities.

    Curriculum - The classes listed in the 214 Academic Handbook comprise the course offerings. There are many classes to meet the needs of the academically talented learner.
Placement in honors and Advanced Placement classes is not related to participation in the TDP program. Course placements are based on EXPLORE scores, sender school teacher recommendation and a writing sample.

    Career/Life Planning - This program is designed to meet the diverse needs of gifted and talented students. It is focused on the whole individual, their current socio-emotional and academic needs, as well as providing the bridge between academic preparation and future pursuits.

Schools sponsor field trips to universities, businesses and cultural institutions to develop career awareness and knowledge of academic preparation. The program also provides more in-depth career activities in almost all careers.

Throughout the year there are seminars that touch on various aspects of the unique needs of our TDP population. Seminars in resume writing, interview skills, application and essay writing as well as the best pathways to find scholarship funding will be offered to our students during the fall. Our TDP students will also be encouraged to participate in the internship program available to all students as well as becoming involved in the Career Academy programs being offered to junior and senior students. These academic programs, in medicine, education and engineering offer a highly rigorous curriculum combining both school seminars with onsite work opportunities.


District Office (847) 718-7611 Dr. Lazaro Lopez, Associate Superintendent
Buffalo Grove High School (847) 718-4014 Jill Maraldo, Associate Principal
Elk Grove High School (847) 718-4414 Glenn Simon, Associate Principal
John Hersey High School (847) 718-4814 Ron Kiolbassa, Associate Principal
Prospect High School (847) 718-5214 Scott McDermott, Associate Principal
Rolling Meadows High School (847) 718-5612 Lee Stanley, Associate Principal
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