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Student Acceptable Use Policy


POLICY Network facilities and Internet access are available to students and staff members in District 214. This access is provided in order to promote educational excellence in District 214 schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. Access to the Internet will be provided according to established procedures/guidelines. (Reference SPECIFIC PROCEDURE)

Network Facilities and Internet Access Procedures for Students

Township High School District 214 maintains network facilities, which include but are not limited to user workstations and computers, servers, equipment, email, dial-in, internet access, software, and accounts for certain staff members as well as authorized students.  Network facilities are provided solely for the purpose of enhancing learning and communication in Township High School District 214.  Acceptance of these procedures is required for the user of any Township High School District 214 Network Facility.

With the permission of your parent or guardian, High School District 214 offers you an opportunity to use its network facilities, as defined above.  You may use our network facilities only for educational purposes. This use is a privilege, not a right, and we may discipline you or take away your right to use the Internet and computer technology at school if you misuse this privilege. You are responsible for your own actions while you are on the Internet or otherwise using the District’s network facilities, and you are also accountable for any online activities that occur by others because you have allowed them to use your account.  The District’s computer system is not a public forum.  Any communications or materials used on the computer system, including electronic mail or other files, deleted files from a user's account, and all other records and logs of your internet and computer use, may be monitored or read by school officials.

As a student, you must read the following regulations and then sign this form to show that you understand your responsibilities in using the Internet and network facilities at school.

While using the Internet and District Network Facilities from school:

I will only use the technology and equipment in the manner for which it was designed. I understand that I may be held responsible for any or all damage incurred as a result of my negligent or inappropriate use of the District’s network facilities.

  1. While online, I will not use language, which may be harassing, intimidating, threatening or offensive to other users. I will treat others with respect. The written and verbal messages I send while on the Internet will not contain profanity, obscene comments, sexually explicit material, or expressions of bigotry, racism, or hatred.
  2. I will not place unlawful information on the Internet, nor will I use the Internet and District Network Facilities in any way that violates federal, state, or local laws or statutes. I will never falsify my identity while using the Internet and will properly identify myself in my communications made on the District’s network facilities.
  3. I will not use the Internet and District Network Facilities for non-school related activities.
  4. I will not send chain letters or any pyramid scheme either to a list of people or to an individual, nor will I send any other type of communication that might cause a congestion of the Internet or interfere with the work of others.
  5. I will not use the Internet and District Network Facilities to buy or sell, or to attempt to buy or sell, any service or product.
  6. I will not change any computer file that does not belong to me.
  7. I will not use copyrighted materials or software from the Internet without permission of the author. I will cite the source where appropriate, and will not plagiarize the work of others.
  8. I will never knowingly give my password to others, nor will I use another person's password.
  9. I will never use the Internet or other District network facilities to send or obtain inappropriate material or files.  Files or materials are considered inappropriate if they are obscene, pornographic, harmful to minors, or disruptive or detrimental to the School District’s educational activities.
  10. Except for the usual information contained in the headers of my electronic mail, I will never give out personal information such as name, address, phone number, or gender.
  11. I will never knowingly circumvent, or try to circumvent, security measures on any district owned computer or while accessing any district network facility.
  12. I will never attempt to gain unlawful access to another person's or organization's resources, programs, or data.
  13. I will not make, or attempt to make, any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another user on the Internet and District Network Facilities, including the uploading, downloading, or creation of computer viruses.
  14. I understand that the school system is not responsible or liable for any harm, damages or charges that result from my use of the system’s technology, including loss of data, interruption of services, corruption of files or programs, purchases, hacking or other violations of this Acceptable Use Policy.
  15. The District’s electronic mail system is owned and controlled by the District.  The District may provide electronic mail to aid students in fulfilling their duties and as an educational tool.  Electronic mail is not private and may be monitored and accessed by school officials.  Users shall be held personally liable for the content of any electronic message they create.  Downloading any file attached to an electronic message is prohibited unless the user is certain of that message's authenticity and the nature of the file.  All students who use the District 214 Student E-Mail system will complete a Parental Authorization form.
  16. I will report any violations of this Acceptable Use Policy that I have knowledge of to my teacher or other school official.


I have read the Network Facilities and Internet Access procedure, as written above, and understand fully and agree to follow the principles, guidelines and rules it contains. If I did not understand the meaning of part of it, I asked an adult to explain it to me.  My signature on the Fee Payment Form completed during the registration process, indicates that I agree to follow these rules at all times when at school.


As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Network Facilities and Internet Access procedure as written above. I understand that Computer access at school for students of High School District 214 is provided for educational purposes only. I understand that the school system has installed filtering technology and taken certain other actions as required by federal law to protect against minors’ access to materials on the Internet that are harmful, obscene, child pornography or otherwise inappropriate.  However, I further understand that the District cannot prevent such access in all cases, and I agree that I will not hold the District or its employees responsible for materials my son or daughter acquires or sees as a result of the use of the Internet from school facilities. By signing the Fee Payment Form  during the registration process, I give my permission to High School District #214 for my son or daughter to use the Internet and District Network Facilities while on school property.  The policy and procedure is distributed during the registration process and is published in "What Parents and Guardians Should Know."

High School District 214 reflects the general trend of society towards a digital / information based technological culture. If I do not consent to the above rules, or I do not wish for my child to access computer equipment and the Internet, I have indicated my desire by checking the appropriate box on the Fee Payment Form during the registration process.


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