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Health Services

Health Services, sometimes known as "The Nurse’s Office", is a part of the Division of Student Services. Health Services is coordinated by an Illinois Certified School Nurse with the assistance of a health clerk. The Illinois Certified School Nurse (ICSN) is one of the members of the Specialists in the Student Service Team.

The ICSN provides daily health care for illness, as well as coordinates emergency care for students and staff. Directing the comprehensive school health program, which meets the needs of the students, school, and community are an integral part of this role.

The following services are available but not limited to the following: vision and hearing screening, counseling students with their personal health needs, medication coordination, recommendations for educational adaptations as necessary for individual needs including special education, recommendations for the adaptive physical education program, acts as a liaison between the school, student, parent, and physician regarding the student’s health status when under a physician’s care, assists families in using available community health resources, supervises compliance with physical and immunization regulations with the Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health, maintenance of up-to-date cumulative health records.

It is our belief that in order for a child to be successful academically, we must first look at their overall health. Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, good communication, healthy relationships, stress management, immunizations, physical, dental, vision and hearing exams are all part of looking at each student in a holistic manner. We believe that these physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs are essential and provide a foundation in which learning can then take place. We, as Illinois Certified School Nurses, along with school psychologists, school social workers, school counselors, teachers, ESP staff, coaches and administration all hope to provide a healthy environment in which your child can grow to his/her potential.


Recommended Standard Operating Procedures For Illness, Accident or Injury Occurring in Schools
  1. Emergency information is kept on each student in the nurse’s office, indicating parent or guardian’s phone numbers and name of person to be contacted in an emergency if parent is not available. In most instances of illness or injury when medical attention is indicated, explain the situation, and make necessary recommendations.
  2. In acute emergency, when immediate intervention is imperative, the nurse shall be notified immediately and she shall initiate the necessary lifesaving techniques.
  3. The nurse will call 911 to transport the seriously injured student to an emergency care facility; the nurse may ask auxiliary personnel to perform this service if she cannot safely leave the patient. The parent will be notified before or after this is done, depending upon the nature of the injury. Parents will assume responsibility for transporting students when the injury is not of an emergency nature.
  4. The emergency care facility will be notified as to the nature of the illness or injury of the patient being sent, if it is felt that this information will facilitate proper treatment.
  5. Notification, if necessary, will be made to administrative personnel if student is transferred to an emergency care facility.


Suspected Communicable Disease
  1. Exclude student from school
  2. Notify parent and refer to physician for diagnosis.
  3. Follow the Illinois State Health Department Rules and Regulations for the Control of Communicable Disease.
Readmission Procedure
  1. Follow State of Illinois Rules and Regulations for the Control of Communicable Disease and individual school’s procedures.
  2. Doctor’s note will readmit student.


Illness at School
If a student becomes ill at school, he/she would report to Health Services with a pass from the teacher to be evaluated by the ICSN. After the student and nurse conference if there is a mutual agreement that it is in the best interest of the student to go home and/or to the doctor, the following procedure will be followed:

The nurse will:
  1. Phone either parent giving an assessment of the student’s health followed by a request for their permission for the student to go home and/or the doctor.
  2. If either parent is unavailable, the nurse will call the designated emergency contact.
  3. If a parent or emergency contact is unreachable, the student will not be allowed to go home. Because parents need to be informed of their children’s whereabouts, we will make every effort to phone, page, leave a message on an answering machine, etc. if we are given these resources on the emergency contact section of the School Fee Payment Form. We will not release your child without your or the emergency contact’s verbal permission.


Guidelines for the Administration of Medicine
The responsibility for administering student medication rests solely with the parents, or guardian: thus a schedule should be arranged so that all medication is taken at home under parental supervision and not during, school hours. In exceptional cases when medication must be taken during the school day, the regulations from the Illinois Department of Public Health, "Recommended Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools", will be implemented by the school nurse as follows:
  1. The school nurse is to be informed of students who are receiving medication for long-term medical conditions.
  2. Whenever possible, medication should be self-administered under the supervision of the school nurse or administrator.
  3. Medication is to be brought to the school in a container that has been appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.
  4. When medication must be administered at school, the parent or guardian is to provide for the school, a District 214 medication request form authorizing the administration of the prescribed medication. Yearly renewal is required.
  5. The school nurse and/or the principal may, at their discretion, reject requests for administration of medication. It is understood that the school district provides this service in the interest of the well being of students and as an accommodation to parents.

Student Services

The Student Service Team is comprised of the Assistant Principal for Student Services, Guidance Counselors, the College/Career Counselor, and the Coordinator of the IR Department. Specialists on the team are the School Psychologist, Speech Clinician, School Social Worker, Outreach Counselor, and School Nurse. They work together to serve students in a variety of ways. They assist students with academic, emotional, behavioral, health and legal issues that might arise in their lives. They provide a link between home and school at the High School level. The specialists provide more individualized assistance with decision making for all students as well as serve as liaisons to outside agencies and services.

Vision and Hearing

Each school provides screenings for vision and hearing according to state guidelines and school policy. If you have any concerns about your students’ vision or hearing, please contact the school nurse.

Please note: If a student fails either screening, parents/guardians will be notified and appropriate referrals will be made at that particular time.

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