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Goals and Parameters



1. Provide quality education that is relevant to membership in a global society and economy while maintaining a balanced operating budget and serving the student population.

2. Increase student learning through engagement and innovative programs to ensure students will develop self-awareness, self-management, interpersonal, and decision-making skills as measured by social and emotional learning growth objectives to establish and maintain positive relationships and achieve school and life success in a global society and economy.

3. Promote and expand lifelong learning opportunities for residents of all ages through positive relationships, community involvement, community engagement and outreach, and collaborative planning in the efficient use of resources.


1. Each No Child Left Behind (NCLB) sub-group's average Education Planning and Assessment System (EPAS) growth will surpass that of the previous cohort by 10% annually in reading, English, math, and science until growth from EXPLORE to ACT exceeds six points.

2. Increase student success rate (as measured by a grade of A, B, or C) per course by at least five percentile points each year until the threshold of 95% is attained.

3. The number of students enrolled in at least one AP course will increase over the previous year, as will the number of students taking at least one AP exam and the number of students earning a passing score on an AP exam, until at least 50% of all students have earned a score of three or higher on an AP final.

In concert with the three instructional goals listed above, each school on an annual basis will develop and implement a measurable and attainable plan, based on the needs of the students in their school, to show progress towards achieving the Board's Social and Emotional Learning Growth Objectives. The multi-year plan, which will be reviewed annually, must contain multiple measures.


1. Keep all programs, practices, and activities consistent with the district mission, vision, and goals.

2. Operate six comprehensive high schools and alternative programs to meet student needs and interests.

3. Enlarge our candidate pool to attract highly qualified individuals to increase our cultural and ethnic diversity.

4. Give the instructional program the highest priority in allocation of resources.

5. Maintain sound fiscal practices to ensure appropriate budget fund balances and a balanced operating budget.

6. Provide a Community Education program that supports lifelong learning opportunities.

7. Review and update district goals annually.

Goals Summary  Goals Summary

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