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A Brief History of District 214

Prior to 1914, when voters created the high school district composed of parts of Wheeling and Elk Grove Townships and two sections of Palatine Township, high school students were educated in District 25 in the old grammar school building on the present site of the North School.

The election in 1914 to create High School District 214 was vigorously contested. The opposition to the proposition was very strong and voting brought out 1,269 persons. Because the Women's Suffrage Act had not been validated by the Supreme Court, it was necessary to keep the men's and women's ballots separated. More men voted against than for the proposition; but with the women's vote, it carried by a margin of 16 votes. There were 17 blank ballots, and the opposition claimed the proposition lost by one vote. Subsequently, the Supreme Court validated the election, the Women's Suffrage Act, and the creation of Township High School District 214.

In 1922 the school board adopted plans for the construction of Arlington High School, costing $150,000 and consisting of nine classrooms, an auditorium, and a gymnasium. Arlington High School graduated its first class, 10 students, in 1923. There were six additions made to this school, and seven other schools were built.

District 214's enrollment peaked at 19,823 students during the 1975-76 school year. Enrollment has declined significantly since that time. As a result of declining enrollment, the district closed Arlington High School in June 1984 and Forest View High School in June 1986. In 1989, Maryville Education Center / Nipper School (MEC), which was later named Nipper Career Education Center, became part of District 214; Student Therapeutic Education Program (STEP) became Forest View Alternative School in 1992; Vanguard School opened in 1997; and the Newcomer Center opened in January 2002.

District Enrollment*
1922 Arlington High School 101
1928 Arlington High School Addition 251
1938 Arlington High School Addition 517
1946 Arlington High School Addition 669
1949-50 Arlington High School Addition 904
1952-53 Arlington High School Addition 1,169
1956 Arlington High School Addition 2,235
1957 Prospect High School 2,773
1962 Forest View High School 6,323
1964 Wheeling High School 8,276
1966 Elk Grove High School 10,784
1968J ohn Hersey High School 13,520
1971 Rolling Meadows High School 17,419
1973 Buffalo Grove High School 19,000
1984 Arlington High School Closed 13,742
1986 Forest View High School Closed 12,447
1988 Edward Gilbert Administrative Complex Dedicated 10,848
1989 Maryville Education Center/Nipper School (MEC) 10,381
1992 STEP becomes Forest View Alternative School 10,597
1996 MEC / Nipper School becomes Nipper Career Education Center 11,243
1997 Vanguard School 11,443
2002 Newcomer Center 12,102
2004 Nipper Career Education Center Closed 12,500
2014 Forest View Alternative School becomes The Academy at Forest View 12,000

*District enrollment figures may vary during the course of the school year.

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