Below are some of the most commonly requested health forms as well as health information on a variety of topics. Click the links to view and download PDFs. Should you have any questions, contact your school nurse. 

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Certificate of Child's Health Exam
Food Allergies
ISBE Student Health Data
School Medication Authorization Form



AcrobatPDF36x36 Asthma Action Plan

AcrobatPDF36x36 Asthma Inhaler/Epipen Self-Administration Request


Certificate of Child's Health Exam

AcrobatPDF36x36 Certificate of Child's Health Exam (English)



AcrobatPDF36x36 Diabetes Medical Management Plan


Food Allergies 

AcrobatPDF36x36 Allergy Care Plan



Please notify the school nurse and/or counselor when your child has been hospitalized.  Most hospitals have tutors available but it remains the parents’ responsibility to coordinate between the school and hospital.  A doctor’s note is required allowing the student’s return to school.
For further information regarding Homebound/Hospital Instruction refer to the Township High School District 214 Student and Parent Handbook.


ISBE Student Health Data — By School 

AcrobatPDF36x36 Buffalo Grove High School AcrobatPDF36x36 Elk Grove High School
AcrobatPDF36x36 John Hersey High School AcrobatPDF36x36 Prospect High School
AcrobatPDF36x36 Rolling Meadows High School AcrobatPDF36x36 Wheeling High School



AcrobatPDF36x36 Clinics

AcrobatPDF36x36 Clinics, Spanish

AcrobatPDF36x36 New Requirements

AcrobatPDF36x36 Religious Exemption Form

Immunization Records Immunization record requests for current students can be obtained by contacting the school's student services department and completing an Immunization Record Request Form. No fees are required for these requests.

Alumni can request immunization records by following the procedures outlined in the following PDF downloads. Click on your school icon to download Alumni Immunization Request Form.  Non-enrolled students and alumni must pay a $10 fee for each immunization record requested.  For further information regarding Procedure to Request a Transcript and/or Immunization Records, refer to the High School District 214 Student and Parent Handbook.

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Adobe PDF Downloads


AcrobatPDF36x36 Illinois All Kids application, English

AcrobatPDF36x36 Illinois All Kids application, Spanish


AcrobatPDF36x36 Request Form



AcrobatPDF36x36 Seizure Action Plan